Byron sleeper sprung

A MURWILLUMBAH dad is fuming that his sick teenage son was fined $110 for taking a nap in his car in a central street of Byron Bay last Sunday morning.

The 18-year old was fined under local council laws banning sleeping in motor vehicles.

But Byron Shire Council is unrepentant, saying annoyed residents called rangers to numerous areas last weekend during the Splendour in the Grass music festival, and entrances to the town had flashing signs warning people of fines for street camping.

'Dina', who works as a security guard in Murwillumbah and does not want his real name used for fear he might anger the magistrate when his son contests the fine, says Byron Council needs to re-think how it treats young people who spend a fortune in the town.

Dina's son and other teenagers headed off to Byron last weekend and, according to Dina, spent the night at a friend's house before waking at 6am “when the others took their boards to the surf”.

“My son was feeling sick so he stayed in the car,” he said.

At 7.45am Byron Council rangers appeared and insisted his son had been illegally camping.

When his friends returned they brought him back to Murwillumbah and Dina took him to the Tweed Hospital. The hospital provided a medical certificate which he intends to take to court.

A council spokesperson said that rangers had found “people sleeping everywhere” in the particular street concerned.

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