Call for Seeney to clarify position on MPs' pay increase

Jeff Seeney, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.
Jeff Seeney, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning. Sharyn O'Neill

THE Together Union has called on acting Premier Jeff Seeney to clarify when he intends to take action to stop a pay rise for state politicians.

In a post on its website, which was shared on social networks, the union says politicians are still handing themselves tens of thousands of dollars in increased wages.

"The government's sloppy handling of this massive hypocritical pay increase is continuing. The Acting Premier and Cabinet Ministers are still pocketing a massive wages increase and they've given no timeframe on when they will stop," Together secretary Alex Scott said.

"Acting Premier Seeney still hasn't indicated whether any legislation will reverse the increase, or whether it will continue it. He's throwing the matter to Parliament, a forum his government controls, without actually indicating what the government's action on politicians' wages will be. Where does he say he will oppose the increase?

"On top of that, this massive wage increase was brought about by a Cabinet decision.

"The House doesn't sit for another month. That means there are four more Cabinet meetings at which they could announce they are reversing their own decision, pending the determination of the independent tribunal."

Mr Scott said Mr  Seeney had given himself a $5000 increase this fortnight, and a $5000 increase next fortnight.

"He can and should stop this immediately," Mr Scott said.

"The government are opposing an interim wage increase for public servants but are still dead set on granting one for themselves.

"The same Cabinet expenditure review committee that sets government wages policy and directs the Public Service Commission is the group that is refusing to reverse the decision that is lining their own pockets.

"It's time this government did the decent thing and granted public servants an administrative pay increase. The Public Services Commission takes orders from the Acting Premier and all public servants in Queensland are now waiting on him - will he act or will he continue the hypocrisy?" 

Mr Scott demanded answers Mr Seeney on four questions:

Does he personally support the $57,000 pay increase for backbench MPs?

Will he take action to reverse the $57,000 pay increase while the matters are reviewed?

Will he support legislation at the next sitting week of Parliament to reverse the pay increase for backbenchers?

What is he going to do with the extra $10,000 he is getting paid before the next sitting of Parliament?

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