Premier Campbell Newman.
Premier Campbell Newman. Luka Kauzlaric

Newman supports Bleijie amid backlash

QUEENSLAND Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has called on Premier Campbell Newman to sack Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie.

Ms Palaszczuk said, during question time in State Parliament on Thursday, the Newman Government was facing a severe backlash from the legal fraternity over the tough new bikie laws, bypassing the courts to keep sex offenders in jail and the changes to workers compensation laws.

Premier Campbell Newman seized the opportunity and said Mr Bleijie had his full support.

"I am happy to reiterate not only does he have my personal support, but he has without question the unequivocal support of the Cabinet and the members of the LNP," Mr Newman said.

"This Attorney-General has had the ticker and the guts to actually stand up to entrenched interests' right across this state without fear or favour.

"This government has used the law to protect people," he said.

Mr Newman, using parliamentary privilege, said the Queensland Labor Party had used laws in the past to protect their own interests.

"The Labor Party used the processes in this place to stop crooked politicians like Gordon Nuttall going to jail," he said.

"We use the law to protect Queenslanders, to actually keep crims and paedophiles in jail and to actually deal with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

"Those opposite abuse the processes of this parliament to keep crooked mates out of jail.

"That is the difference and that is why I support this Attorney-General.

"That is why he is doing an outstanding job for Queenslanders."

Earlier this week, the State Government rushed through tough new legislation in a bid to rid criminal motorcycle gangs from the state.

Under the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill criminal gang members convicted of certain offences will be declared 'vicious lawless associates' and hit with an extra 15-years mandatory jail time on top of their initial sentence.

There are 69 offences which carry the mandatory sentence including grievous bodily harm, attempted robbery, sexual assault and a host of drug charges.

Convicted criminal gang members who hold a position of office within a criminal organisation will be slapped with a further 10-year mandatory sentence on top of the 15-year sentence for being a vicious lawless associate.

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