Don’t forget to vote on Saturday.
Don’t forget to vote on Saturday. Nastco

Candidates’ final pitch for your vote

AS the Federal election campaign draws to a close, Richmond candidates give their final pitch to the 112,820 voters registered in this seat, on why you should vote for them on Saturday, July 2:



Labor incumbent Justine Elliot
Labor incumbent Justine Elliot

Justine Elliot, Labor incumbent:

"I'm asking for your vote so together we can save Medicare from Malcolm Turnbull and the Nationals' unfair attacks on our public health system. Only Labor will protect Medicare; we'll reverse the Nationals' harsh GP tax and we'll stop the Nationals' cruel policies that will cut bulk billing to pathology and diagnostic services. Labor is committed to investing in education by fully funding the Gonski reforms and funding TAFE. I'm committed to keeping the North Coast Gasfield free and taking action on climate change with greater investment in renewables. This election is a Referendum on Medicare so vote Labor."


NATIONALS: Nationals candidate for Richmond Matthew Fraser.Photo Contributed
NATIONALS: Nationals candidate for Richmond Matthew Fraser.Photo Contributed Contributed

Matthew Fraser, Nationals Candidate:

"I'm not from a political background, I'm just a local business owner from Tweed Heads who wants to make a difference. If we want to preserve our way of life, we need someone who is prepared to defend it and fight for our fair share from Canberra. We can't achieve that with negativity or scare campaigns.

This electorate needs someone who will be accountable to you, not the big parties, big unions or big corporations. Locally I stand for sustainable tourism, local jobs and better funding for schools and hospitals, and I will never forget who I work for."


Greens candidate Dawn Walker
Greens candidate Dawn Walker

Dawn Walker, The Greens:

"I love living in the Northern Rivers and know how hard the community has fought to protect it from overdevelopment and coal seam gas. As a small business owner and a mother I understand the challenges of balancing family life with the demands of running a small business that directly contributes to our local economy. Small business is the life blood of our community providing jobs for our young people. I'm with the Greens because I believe that our elected representatives should not be beholden to corporate donors, and should act in the community's interests. Together we're standing up for what matters in the Northern Rivers."


ONE NATION: One Nation candidate Neil Smith. Photo Christian Morrow / Byron Shire News
ONE NATION: One Nation candidate Neil Smith. Photo Christian Morrow / Byron Shire News Christian Morrow

One Nation's Neil Smith:

"Are we the only party who believes in fiscal responsibility? The LNP and Labour are still spending like drunken sailors, with all sorts of promises to buy votes, but we have an enormous debt and a huge interest bill. If I had run my businesses and my household like that I would be homeless today. "We can't afford immigration or foreign aid or any other luxuries; we must look after our own people first. Please vote for One Nation and show them you care."

Angela Pollard, The Animal Justice Party:

"If you care about how animals are treated and want a party in parliament that will stand up to promote their needs, then the AJP is for you. If you want a kinder world, where compassion and empathy guide public policy, then the AJP is for you. If you want to see an end to live export, cruel intensive farming practices and an Independent Office of Animal Welfare established to enforce more humane laws for animals, then please vote for the Animal Justice Party."

Russell Kilarney, Christian Democrats Party:

"Having been born here as well as my son, I truly care about this region. For so long I have seen politics become more about personal attacks and party politics rather than genuine issues facing everyday Australians and the country. I am running to stand up for the people in this great country of ours. My focus is on policies and the people; there is much more work to be doneand I have a lot of great ideas that will include being accountable to the people through basic public forums on a regular basis. I plan to listen to the people and take on board what they are saying."


Some of your polling booth options on Saturday:

Tweed Heads PCYC

Tweed River High School

Seagulls Club

Murwillumbah Public School

Murwillumbah East Primary School

St Joseph's Primary School

Wollumbin High School

Pottsville Beach Public School

Cabarita Primary School

Tugun Village Community Centre

Burringbar Public School

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