Bags of cannabis were discovered in a police raid on a plantation located in a remote site at Lionsville.
Bags of cannabis were discovered in a police raid on a plantation located in a remote site at Lionsville. Supplied

Father taught cannabis grower

KRISTEN Gardner grew up on the Tweed at his family’s Doon Doon banana farm where his father had first shown him how to grow cannabis.

But last week the 34-year-old hotel manager and Lismore-based wedding photographer was jailed for having 132kg of cannabis.

Gardner had the cannabis bagged and ready for market after harvesting his crop of 900 cannabis plants on a remote site in bushland at Lionsville, west of Baryulgil when arrested.

At his sentence in Lismore District Court this week, Gardner told police he intended to use the money raised to pay for legal fees needed by his father and other members of his family in Queensland where they had been arrested on drug offences involving more than three tonnes of cannabis.

His good intentions came unstuck when police raided the remote plot not long after dawn on Anzac Day last year.

Gardner, 34, a former manager at the Winsome Hotel and raised in Murwillumbah, said he was told the legal costs for his family would be as much as $700,000, and this was why he grew 900 cannabis plants in remote bushland at Lionsville.

The crops were so remote Gardner used GPS coordinates to find his way to the site.

The GPS coordinates also helped police find him and his well-hidden crop harvest when they raided the site after first searching his home at South Gundurimba and finding the coordinates on his computer.

Gardner pleaded guilty in Lismore District Court to possession of a commercial quantity of cannabis leaf for the purpose of supply and to the cultivation of 900 cannabis plants.

Judge James Black on Wednesday sentenced Gardner to four-and-a-half years jail, after finding special circumstances to reduce the head sentence from six years, and ordered that he must serve a non-parole of 27 months.

With time already spent in Long Bay Jail, the budding photographer will be eligible for release on July 24, 2011.

Defence barrister Paul Smart had argued his client was a man of limited means, had not grown the cannabis for his own profit, and was not a man “living high on the hog”.

His most expensive possession was $20,000 worth of camera gear.

In evidence, Gardner said he roughly calculated his crop would have realised 80kg of useable cannabis heads and revealed his father taught him how to grow cannabis on the family’s former banana farm at Doon Doon near Murwillumbah many years ago. He said one of his stepmothers had suggested it to his father.

With regard to the legal costs needed by eight of his family (including their partners) on the Queensland drug matters that involved police allegations of 150,000 cannabis plants, Gardner said: “I was led to believe (they would need) $500,000 to $700,000.”

Gardner said he expected to also be charged by Queensland police in relation to those matters.

Gardner said he now described his behaviour as “irresponsible” and in jail had seen “an awful lot of abuse” that had changed his attitude to drugs.

Jail time

Kristen Gardner will be eligible for release on July 24, 2011

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