A SPLIT-SECOND moment between life and death, captured by Queensland Rail cameras at East Ipswich, chillingly highlights the dangers of crossing busy rail tracks.

Transport Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk released footage on Saturday, which she described as the “most disturbing ever captured by Queensland Rail security cameras”.

Ms Palaszczuk said the actions of a young man at East Ipswich station in January were beyond comprehension and should send a clear message to everyone that jumping onto train tracks was not only illegal but could also be fatal.

“This incident could easily have ended in tragedy, not only for the young man but his family, friends and of course the train driver,” she said.

“A train stopping at a station is doing about 60km/ hour as it approaches the platform, and can be doing about 80km/hr as it passes through the station if it is an express service.

“This is certainly the most disturbing near-miss footage I have ever seen – the difference between this youth surviving and losing his life is less than the blink of an eye.”

Queensland Rail has also released footage of the moments when a truck and an express train nearly collided at Strathpine last month.

That footage highlighted the dangers around moving trains at stations and crossings.

“The difference between life and death for this truck driver was literally one second, not to mention the lives of the train crew,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“It’s difficult to fathom the mindset of people who take risks in front of our trains.

“Amazingly, no one was seriously injured in these incidents.”

Queensland Rail CEO Paul Scurrah said footage of both incidents had been released to police.

“We have a strong security presence across our network with mobile dog patrols, raid squad police, transit officers and senior network officers who will continue to crackdown on anti-social behaviour,” he said.

Last year Queensland Rail launched its What Would You Miss? campaign – calling on Queenslanders to consider what they would be leaving behind if they took a risk with a train.

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