Get rid of junk and make money with a garage sale

IF you're looking to clear some clutter from your house and make a dollar or two while you're at it, garage sales are the perfect solution.

With many of us holding onto that old Nintendo 64 or desperately clinging to old books, CD's and DVD's, having a garage sale for unused household items can clear space and leave you with one less item to think about.

Plus, your pre-loved belongings might even bring a smile to someone who will truly appreciate them, instead of sitting there gathering dust.

Banora Point resident Johnny Todiee spends many Saturday mornings on the hunt for garage sales, stopping in to see what bargains he can snare and thinks he knows just what is needed for a great garage sale.

"Good signs make the best garage sales, like with arrows on them, because I've seen people drive in circles looking for a garage sale that doesn't have arrows, he said.

"So cut things short, your garage sale signs should have clear writing and accurate arrows." As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure and Mr Todiee has definitely found a few treasures along the way.

"I find Xbox 360 games for $2 sometimes, so that makes my day," he said.

He added that garage sales could make a decent amount of money, but overpricing was a sure fire way to scare off potential buyers.

"When people go to a garage sale they want cheap stuff, say something in a shop is priced at $100 and you're trying to sell the same thing used, they won't pay you more than $30 for it, so people are looking for a bargain price," he said.

Mr Todiee said that classifieds in the local paper often helped attract buyers, even with an array of free advertising services available on the internet.

Cristy Morse recently held a successful garage sale at her Banora Point home and had a few tips for getting the most out of the endeavour.

She recommended not setting sights too high and going in expecting that people will try and haggle you down.

Mrs Morse also suggested advertising wherever possible and getting the word out amongst the community.

Getting a good price

Make clear signs and advertise in the newspaper and online.

Have enough change ready to go.

Price items just above what you want to see them sell for, buyers will offer less

See if your neighbours want to join in.

If you haven't used an item recently, sell it.

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