Painful: Kyl Underwood eyes a header as Casino and Districts downed Uki 7-1 on Saturday.
Painful: Kyl Underwood eyes a header as Casino and Districts downed Uki 7-1 on Saturday. Blainey Woodham

Casino high-rollers sink Pythons

CASINO and Districts were like an army of steamrollers over Uki Pythons on Saturday at Uki Sports Field.

The Pythons' pain was not eased at any point throughout the match as they went down 7-1 in their ninth game of the Football Far North Coast first division competition.

Coach Joe Scholl said he could only describe it as a horrible day and one of the worst they have had in a number of years.

“It started out with us not having Michael Douglas, then we lost our midfielder on game day and the rot really set in when we lost our left back four minutes into the match with an existing injury,” he said.

Casino and Districts strengthened their position and there were a few casualties left in their wake, according to Scholl.

“Our goal keeper Dwaine Bianchetti was belted in the ribs while he was on the ground and he has deep bruising, so he will be in doubt for next week,” he said.

“We then put in another goal keeper Michael James who has been outstanding for us and then he copped one on the arm.

“There was one injury after another and I think there were only three guys out of our side that didn't have injuries by the end of the game.”

After the first 20 minutes of the match, Casino and Districts lead 2-0 and at the 35th minute mark, Uki broke into the game with Kyle Underwood scoring.

The second half become an uphill battle for Uki and in the first minute back on the field, Casino and Districts scored for a 3-1 buffer.

The floodgates opened in the second half and the match was pretty well wrapped up, admitted Scholl. “We created some pressure but it wasn't enough and we were pretty buggered so we just want to put it behind us,” he said.

The focus for the Pythons this week is to mend some players and they will only have a light training session this week before they take on Lennox Head. Scholl said Casino and Districts had played well against their second-string rivals and they had capitalised.

“With that many players out with injury, it made it hard to get some cohesion and the reserve graders were not up to the standard of first division,” he said.

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