Cathy free to place her orders

“PLATE of chips with salt” and “two books and three jackpots”.

These will be some of the first things that Cathy Peoples enters into her new Palm Top 3 Communicator.

The donated device will prove vital for Ms People to communicate, having recently been diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

The long-time visitor to the Kingscliff Beach Club received the Palm Top 3 Communicator after the club decided to help her out shortly after hearing of her illness.

With the aid of the Kingscliff RSL, Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce, the $7000 needed for the gadget was raised in about one month.

Ms Peoples' sister, Anne Martin, yesterday said thanked all the “absolutely wonderful” people for helping out.

“It is the most wonderful community anyone could live in,” Mrs Martin said of Kingscliff.

During the time Ms Peoples had another communicator on loan, she programmed in orders for chips and books of raffle tickets. And no doubt they will soon be programmed into the new device.

Mrs Martin said Ms Peoples, who was born with brain damage, had been active before being struck down with the disease, which had gradually affected her over three years. It was finally diagnosed earlier this year.

Helen Gardiner, from the Kingscliff Beach Club, said it was hard seeing Ms Peoples suffer.

“To see her slide down hill and her inability to communicate, it was extremely sad,” She said.

But the new device will allow her to continue to talk to others in the community.

“The device allows her to communicate when she is shopping and in all aspects of her life,” Mrs Martin said.

Famous physicist Stephen Hawking is another sufferer of the disease, which causes the de- struction of cells that control voluntary muscle activities including speaking, walking, breathing, swallowing and general body movement.

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