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Cat's hubby experiencing 'sympathy cravings' - he says

CAT Deeley's husband is experiencing "sympathy cravings".

The 'So You Think You Can Dance' host is pregnant with her first child, and though she hasn't found herself experiencing a strong urge to tuck into certain foods, her husband Patrick Kielty is blaming his love of ice cream on her condition.

She told Closer magazine: "I've always followed a relatively healthy diet and never had junk food cravings.

"The only thing I'm really missing right now is Champagne. I love a glass before a show or when I'm out for dinner.

"Patrick, on the other hand, seems to be having cravings for me. He's been eating lots of ice cream and saying it's out of sympathy."

The 38-year-old presenter is planning to continue working out until she "pops", although she won't push herself as much as she did before getting pregnant.

She said: "I've been continuing with my work out regime as much as possible.

"I'll work out until I pop, although I won't keep at the same intensity as I do it at now.

"I love working out, as it gives me a massive energy and endorphin boost. So as long as I can do it safely and the doctors say it's OK, I'll stay active."

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