Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen: Kim Kardashian West has 'zero gratitude'

CHARLIE Sheen has branded Kim Kardashian West "a pox on the face of entertainment."

The 'Anger Management' actor claims the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star has "zero gratitude" for her success and stands by his attack on the 34-year-old beauty on Twitter on Tuesday morning, in which he slammed her for allegedly refusing to sign an autograph for a six-year-old fan.  

The 49-year-old actor says he actually wrote the tweet a month ago and accidentally posted it on his feed today. He has since deleted it and written her an apology.   

It reads: "Dear Kim, my extreme bad. really embarrassed by my actions.I was already pissed about some other crap that had nothing to do with you. I heard a story that bothered me. wrote some trash you didn't deserve. Ever. I'm an idiot as often as I'm a genius. that day, clearly I was the former."


He also told gossip website that Kim has "zero gratitude, zero awareness, zero talent, a pox on the face of entertainment she is!"  

The outspoken actor decided to lash out at Kim because he claims his friend C. Thomas Howell told him that she was very unpleasant to a young fan who approached her for an autograph in an empty parking lot and told her assistant: "Oh God, can you handle this."  

Charlie alleges: "The assistant and dooshy got in her car and pulled out and sped past the poor little six-year-old without even a glance to the child."  

In his initial rant on Twitter, Charlie wrote: "You are lucky that ANYONE cares about your gross and giggly bag of funk you dare call an a** (sic)."   

But Kim disputes the incident ever took place.  

A source close to the reality TV star, who has 18-month-old daughter North with husband Kanye West, said she insists: "I never say no to autographs, especially kids."

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