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Cheeky Tweed nudists exposed

CHEEKY nudists are risking sunburn and court appearances by stripping off at a secluded Tweed beach being promoted by a national naturist group.

Wooyung Beach has been identified by the recently updated Australian Nudist Federation (ANF) website as “deserted except for the odd fisherman where one can be nude all day for all activities.”

The website,, also offers detailed directions on how to get to the beach, where to disrobe and what to do.

“Wooyung is so deserted, except for the odd fisherman,” the website reads.

“Simply follow the Tweed Coast Road south from Pottsville, and right on the corner where the road leaves the coast there is a short path to the beach.

“Park by the entrance. Since there is a small and very informal motel/caravan park opposite the entrance, walk southwards for a couple of hundred metres before disrobing.”

It also contains information on avoiding police detection.

“Like all non-legal beaches in New South Wales, keep an eye open for any police presence, they might visit once a year, and are easy to spot in their white Nissan Patrols,” it continues.

The how-to website also offers two maps detailing the location as well as a photo of a naked man with his fishing rod and tackle happily posing for a photo on the beach.

The ANF yesterday defended their decision to label Wooyung Beach on their website.

“Nude beaches are a big tourism drawcard,” ANF spokesman Peter Struik said.

Mr Struik said the organisation takes no re- sponsibility for those caught breaking the law.

“If people use it (the beach) then it's at their own risk,” he said.

Wooyung Beach is not the only illegal nude beach listed on the website. Mr Struik was unsure where the suggestion of the Tweed beach came from.

“I can't say where the suggestion for it came from, most likely from someone local who uses it.”

The Tweed Daily News visited the beach yesterday morning to find it populated by clothed individuals enjoying the sunny weather.

One Brisbane family said they had not seen any nudists in their day on the beach and said it would not bother them as long as they “kept to themselves”.

Wooyung Beach Motel and Caravan Park owner Chris Cherry said she was aware of the beach's reputation as an unofficial nude spot.

“I personally don't have a problem with nudity, but I can see why some people would be concerned,” she said. “We've never had a concern here, but it's known that there are some people who do it but tend to stay out of the way.”

Ms Cherry said the website was a concern considering it was promoting an illegal nude spot.

Tweed Heads Police Sergeant Brad Stewart said serious penalties can apply to those who are caught red-handed.

“The charges are wilful and obscene exposure or offensive conduct,” Sgt Stewart said. “Those caught can appear before a court and fined or receive a jail sentence, depending on the magistrate.”

Nude Rules

Beach photography. Taking photos or video on nudist beaches is strictly prohibited. Permission should be sought before taking photos or footage.

Sexual activity. A minority of individuals are to blame and sexual activity on beaches is not the exclusive domain on nudist beaches. By large, sexual activity should be curbed and if seen should be reported to police.

Newcomers. Be discreet. If you have an “awkward” moment, cover up. Some people parade around displaying their excitement, and this is strongly frowned upon. Wait until the moment passes. You will find that the sensations of being nude will dissipate in time, and will no longer present a problem.

Common sense. Ensure you have sufficient sunscreen, particularly on feet, shoulders and hips.


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