Child expert to speak in Tweed

PSYCHOLOGY professor Stuart Shanker will visit Tweed Heads tomorrow, Wednesday, May 30, to speak on self-regulation and children's learning.

According to Dr Shanker, research has increasingly shown how the ability to self-regulate is central to a child's ability to master even more complex skills and concepts.

In his presentation, the distinguished research professor of philosophy and psychology from Canada's York University will talk about the nature of self-regulation as well as what educators can do to enhance the self-regulation of each and every child they work with.

He will also introduce his own recent work on developing a new model to assist educators in guiding children's behaviour.

"There is a long held tendency to see children as somehow to blame for their poor self-control," Dr Shanker said.

"What we need is a different understanding of why it is so difficult for some children to inhibit their impulses.

"That is, we need to understand why some children have so much trouble learning the skills that support self-control and what we can do to help them master these skills."

Community Connections Solutions Australia and Early Childhood Australia NSW will present Dr Shanker at the Tweed Ultima Conference Centre tomorrow.

For last-minute registrations call 02 4782 1470.

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