A convicted sex offender who raped an eight-year-old child and claimed having sex with children was "a cultural thing" is free from jail despite repeatedly breaching a strict supervision order and trying twice to remove his GPS monitoring device.

Palm Island man Edward George Nallajar, 45, used drugs and money to lure and assault young girls to satisfy his "overwhelming desire" to have sex with a child, court documents state.

He won a bid for re-release on Thursday after breaching an alcohol and monitoring condition of his dangerous prisoner supervision order last year.

This comes as child rapist Douglas Brian Jackway, who was previously one of the primary suspects in the death of Daniel Morcombe, was granted release under a 15-year supervision order yesterday.

Nallajar used $20 to entice an 8-year-old girl to an empty field and violently rape her in April 2003.


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The court was told Nallajar threatened to not give the child the money if she screamed.

He pleaded guilty in the Townsville District Court and was sentenced to eight years for taking a child for immoral purposes, indecent dealing with a child under the age of 12 years and two counts of rape.

Just days after he was released on parole in May 2011, Nallajar "grabbed" an 11-year-old girl and tried to sexually assault her. He was jailed again in 2012 for this offending.

About 10 years before he raped the eight-year-old girl, Nallajar was jailed for manslaughter after he shot and killed a man who was allegedly a paedophile.

Nallajar was freed from custody under a Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offenders supervision order in 2016.

Since his release in 2016, he has been returned to jail twice for breaching the order.

Most recently, Nallajar breached the conditions of his order in November last year after he returned a positive reading for alcohol (0.183 per cent) and tried to remove his electronic monitoring device.

"He claims that the decision to cut off his monitoring device was impulsive and influenced by his state of intoxication," the documents read.

He also breached his order in August 2018 after he tampered with and tried to remove his GPS device.

In his decision to free Nallajar, a judge noted psychologist findings that he had the "derailed thinking" of someone with paedophilia and a severe personality disorder.

"It must be observed that both the present contraventions and the 2018 contravention of the requirements of the supervision order are not direct indications of any step by the respondent towards serious sexual offending," Justice Jackson said.

"The adequate protection of the community can be ensured by the existing order, despite the contraventions."

Originally published as Child sex offenders freed from jail

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