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Cindy's sting earns poker fame

A CABARITA mother of four has achieved a dream by becoming a professional poker player.

After only two years at the table, Cindy “Queen-Bee” Morgan has been signed by a poker company to represent it at tournaments around Australia and the world.

Mrs Morgan was still pinching herself yesterday after website www.raidbet.net signed her up as their Poker Pro Ambassador.

“It is pretty amazing. It is a huge thing that I have achieved ... my whole life is never going to be the same,” Mrs Morgan said.

After dedicating 18 years to her children and family pest control business, Mrs Morgan joined the Australian Poker League (APL) as a social outlet, and from there a passion developed.

“When I found poker from my eldest son James, I just loved it; it was in my blood and I was good at it,” she said.

“It was just a thrill to find APL and start going out to meet people and have a social outlet where I could play some cards.”

Mrs Morgan was soon gaining invitations to big tournaments and became the ambassador for APL.

She credits a recent 17th placing at the Wild Turkey Poker Classic in Melbourne, where she was the last woman standing, as a turning point of her career.

Along with winning $5000, she was featured on an internet poker radio channel, and became the first female to appear on the front cover of Australian Poker Weekly.

Her first tournament rep- resenting raidbet.net will be in Sydney in two weeks, and then she will be off to the Melbourne championships and in August she will jet out to Hong Kong for another tournament.

“If someone told me two years ago I would be a sponsored poker player I wouldn't have believed them ... I think I am in a little bit of shock,” Mrs Morgan said.

According to a www.raidbet.net spokesperson, Mrs Morgan will play globally and be a key figure in marketing.

“Cindy is a self-taught poker player and has never read a book or taken lessons. Everything she has learnt is off the free-roll league tables,” the spokesperson said. “She's a very aggressive, hard-hitting yet patient player, plays position impeccably and plays players and the cards. She reads people really well ... and packs a very big sting when needed, one that people do not easily forget, hence the name “Queen- Bee”.

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