GREG Forgan-Smith says people will accept high-density living.
GREG Forgan-Smith says people will accept high-density living. Tweed Daily News

Closing the great divide

GREENS Councillor Katie Milne has put forward a proposal which could heal the great divide that has formed between “green” and “pro-development” councillors and has split a community.

Ms Milne yesterday made the shock admission she was willing to begin supporting development - but at a price.

She told the Tweed Daily News yesterday, the next two weeks would be a defining moment for the Tweed Shire Council as she prepared to convince her colleagues to send a strong submission to the New South Wales Government supporting the Kings Forest development with strict environmental conditions.

“There is a new philosophy, it is called positive impact development, created by Professor Jan Berkman in Brisbane. She is talking about how development can have a positive impact if you have the processes in place,” Ms Milne explained.

She said council should send a submission to the State Government planning department supporting Kings Forest on the basis it was fully carbon neutral, followed the positive impact development strategies and provided animal corridors for wildlife. She was also against the construction of a golf course as part of the sub-division.

Unashamed pro-development Mayor Warren Polglase said Cr Milne was free to put her case to the other councillors.

“Some of these things are achievable and some of these things are unachievable; council has policies in place for green space across the shire,” Cr Polglase said. “For some of these changes to be made, policies of the Tweed Shire Council and New South Wales Government would have to change.

“For Cr Milne to change council policies she has to convince her colleagues and the State Government. That is the way for her to go.”

But when asked if he could be convinced vote to change council development policies, he said “No!”

“Tweed Shire Council has got the balance right,” Cr Polglase said.

He said investors in the Tweed already felt it was a hard enough market to enter.

“The Tweed has always been seen by potential investors as a difficult place to invest money and a difficult area to work,” Mr Polglase said.

With both Kings Forest and Bilambil Rise to be discussed at the Tweed Shire Council meeting this month, Cr Milne urged members of the public to have their say about the developments at a pub- lic access session on Tuesday night.

“We have a chance, but we have to demand it if we want it,” Ms Milne said.

“I really urge people to stand up and call for drastic action against a government that allows development with such little control.”

“It would be shameful and a national disgrace if we didn't respond to our World Heritage responsibilities.”

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