Des Anderson, president of the Cabarita Surf Life Saving Club.
Des Anderson, president of the Cabarita Surf Life Saving Club.

Club decked by extension fees

LONG-time plans to add a deck on the home of the Cabarita Beach Surf Life Saving Club have hit troubled waters after Tweed Shire Council demanded a developer contribution of $136,000.

For club president Des Anderson, the bill, to create 10 new car parks, just doesn't make sense.

Not only does the club draw money from the same fund it must make a contribution to, but the Council is currently in the process of removing 15 car parks from out the front of the club to create a garden and public walkway.

“It just seems ludicrous, they are asking us to contribute to the money we get funding from,” Mr Anderson said yesterday.

“They are asking for $136,000 for 10 parking spots, and they are taking away 15 out the front, I can't see the sense of it. We are all for (the beautification), it is great for the area.

“But then to say to us we have to pay for 10 more car parks, it just doesn't add up.”

The club has been waived of the fee in the past.

“Council said it didn't want to set a precedent (by waiving the fee), but the precedent was already set when the same fee was waived for the club house when it was built in 2006.”

The Cabarita Beach SLSC secures most of its money from donations and according to club officials; $127,000 is its entire annual income.

“$136,000 is a lot of sausage sizzles and chook raffles, which is how we make our money,” Mr Anderson said.

The decision to charge the fee was made unanimously by Tweed's Councillors at their June 28 meeting.

A Council spokeswoman said the current Councillors felt waiving of contributions was a decision made by their predecessors.

“This council has taken a different view about the ability to waive or offer a concession,” she said.

The spokeswoman said the club had no claim on the car parks.

“The car parks, which were lost due to the Pandanus Parade beautification works, were on the road reserve, which is Council land.”

“Applicants cannot claim public car parks to meet their development needs.”

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