The Clump Crusher mascara gets the lash

EYES have been called the window to a person's soul and I don't think there's anything wrong with jazzing them up with some mascara.

The challenge is finding the right mascara to do this.

I was sent a sample of Covergirl's Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara to review.

The florescent green tube of product comes with a unique brush that is designed to help reduce clumps, hence the name Clump Crusher.

After trialling the colour brown-black for two weeks I decided I liked the product for day-to-day wear.

On application, the product did not clump or get gluggy, a major bonus.

The product felt light on the lashes and did not make the eyelash stiff like cardboard or stick together like some horrible formulas out there do.

The colour was very natural and would certainly highlight any woman's natural lashes quite well.

It was long lasting and stayed on the lashes all day without smudging.

The best part was it was a breeze to remove. The worst thing about mascara is when it's too difficult to get off and you end up taking 50 lashes off when washing your face.

The only downside of the mascara was it certainly did not give the wow effect many women go for when aiming for that perfect lash look.

There were no big, bold lashes. Instead, it accentuated the natural lash, leaving a completely natural look.

If you're a woman who prefers a natural look, this mascara is for you.

The price tag is $17.95 so it's not the most expensive out there but certainly isn't the cheapest.

Clump Crusher can be picked up from supermarkets, chemists and Priceline.

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