Come on Premier, Jarrod do the right thing on pay hike

SO Jarrod Bleijie reckons he and Premier Campbell Newman have no choice but to accept the pay rises awarded to them by the 'independent umpire'.

Rubbish, pure and simple.

As a Sunshine Coast MP, Jarrod knows full well there are politicians on his own patch who have said no to pay hikes.

Peter Wellington, just down the road in Nambour, Jarrod, has done the honourable thing and refused pay rises as a councillor - and donated increases to local charities - as an MP.

At a time when the state government is at war with doctors over contracts, the acceptance of a $380,000 salary package for the Premier is appalling.

As the Attorney-General well knows, many people are doing it tough across Queensland.

On the Sunshine Coast, the $70,000 increase awarded to the Premier is more than many make in a  year.

While refusing a pay hike will do very little in overcoming the massive problems that Queensland has because of Labor's debt, it will send the right message to voters.

If you are expecting everyone, including public servants, to tighten their belts, and accept minimal pay rises, you should show some leadership yourself.

Politicians deserve an increase in line with CPI, nothing more.

Many would argue that are already way overpaid.

Having seen the hours they work, I don't subscribe to that theory.

But fair is fair.

Refuse the pay rise and start showing some real leadership.

To suggest that by refusing to take the money you are somehow interfering with the proper process is codswallop.

Whether Labor supported the establishment of this tribunal - following the outcry over the earlier 42% proposed pay hike - is irrelevant.

What is relevant, Jarrod, is that you are accepting a 28% pay hike - taking your package to $310k - at a time when you are asking teachers to deal with increases of one tenth of that.

Mark Furler is APN Australian Regional Media's group digital editor and former editor-in-chief of the Sunshine Coast Daily. He has been a journalist on the Sunshine Coast for more than 25 years and has won numerous awards including PANPA Newspaper of the Year.



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