COMMENT: Justice will be served either way

THERE are not too many crimes that go against everything we stand for as individuals and as a community but child sex offences are up there with the most heinous of acts.

Not a day goes by when some offender, somewhere in the state, isn't hauled before a court charged with either rape, indecent assault or possessing child exploitation material, or worse.

The offences against young Charlotte were particularly horrific and those in the courtroom earlier this month when her father was sentenced for his crimes will not forget the graphic details in a hurry.

More often than not we think a child sex offender is some seedy old-man hanging around schools with a bag full of lollies leering at the young children.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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In nearly all cases the offender is known to the children . . . they are a father, mother, uncle, aunty, sibling or family friend.

It is vary rare a child is sexually abused from outside this circle of false trust.

The legal system is doing all it can to protect our most vulnerable, but it is the bleeding heart brigade who say child sex offenders have rights as well who in my opinion are doing the most damage.

Well, I am sorry, but it is my belief the moment you harm a child you have relinquished your rights and I do not think a lot of people would disagree with me on that point.

Charlotte is now in a safe environment. Her mother Jane is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met who would do anything for her little girl.

No doubt Jane blames herself for what happened, but she should not.

She was only following the law which said she must allow her former husband access to his daughter - despite the concerns she raised at the time.

Jane takes some comfort from the fact justice has been served.

But she, and no doubt the rest of the community, can also take comfort in knowing justice can come in many different forms, especially behind prison walls.


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