Taking a breather: Darrell Vincent Cross outside the District Court in Brisbane.
Taking a breather: Darrell Vincent Cross outside the District Court in Brisbane.

Court hears bikie Cross's story

WARWICK bikie Darrell Vincent Cross stuttered his way through his time in the Brisbane District Court witness stand yesterday as it was revealed he was riding the Bandidos president’s Fatboy Harley Davidson when he allegedly ran down a police officer last year.

Cross was told a number of times by Judge Leanne Clare SC and his defence counsel to speak clearly, loudly and slowly in the court yesterday, where he pleaded not guilty last Wednesday to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and serious assault of a police officer during an incident in Moorooka on April 23 last year.

The 48-year-old told the court he drove a car to Brisbane to help his “brothers” relocate the Bandidos club house and had not intended to ride a motorbike that day but was chosen by the Bandidos president to move the bike because of his “age and (riding) experience”.

The disability pensioner said he was not wearing his usual riding prescription contact lenses and had donned “stubbies, work boots and a Eureka flag singlet” for the club house move.

“Can I also add my smokes and wallet were in my jocks. Had all that in my undies so I didn’t think I (would ride motorbikes that day), I had no pockets,” he said.

Cross said his former job as a kangaroo shooter had contributed to hearing loss, meaning he could not understand an Oxley District police officer’s Indian accent when told to pull over after he was clocked speeding.

Cross also told the court he merely tried to park the 300kg Fatboy’s rear wheel in the gutter as “there’s only angle parking in CBD Warwick, that’s the Warwick way”.

“It’s been well over 10 years since I’ve been pulled over in Brisbane but (in Warwick) they say, ‘Excuse me sir, you’re being detained’... that’s what happens in Warwick,” Cross said.

“(One Oxley District Police Traffic Branch officer) lunged at me and I thought, s–––,” Cross said.

During the Crown Public Prosecutor’s cross-examination, Cross admitted the police officer injured in the fray did not “run at him” as previously put forward by the Cross’ defence counsel.

“Why did you tell the police he ran towards you?” the prosecutor said. “You just now accepted he didn’t run at you.”

Cross admitted he “may have over-exaggerated a bit” during his first interview with police.

In his closing address Cross’ defence counsel urged the 12 jury members not to judge the heavily jewelled and tattooed man by his appearance and said the police had banded together to make their statements and the injured police officer “was responsible for his own unfortunate injuries”.

“I’m clearing the deck that my client is a Bandido. We hear so much about and against them,” the defence counsel said.

“What you think is irrelevent... whether he’s a Bandido or a member of the CWA, it doesn’t matter.”

The prosecutor said the crux of the trial rested on whether Cross deliberately drove at the officer as she alleged, trying to flee the scene after being caught for speeding.

Two police officers and one civilian have stated they saw Cross deliberately drive at the officer, who received arm, abdomen and groin injuries.

A verdict is expected today.

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