Crackdown on dodgy beer sizes

YOU know how it goes. You order a humble schooner at an industrial inner-city hipster bar - where you're surrounded by wankers in asymmetrical black ensembles - and it arrives served in a mason jar or a dirty old boot or something.

The exposed plumbing and cheap plastic seating you can live with. But getting short-changed on booze thanks to a grimy little jar? Not on.

Butchers, bars and supermarkets will now be subject to random audits by authorities posing as customers to make sure consumers aren't being ripped off.

The "mystery shoppers" will visit an extra 2000 businesses this year to make sure they're giving the correct quantities as paid for by consumers - whether that be a full pint of beer or a full kilo of sausages, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

The audit will be run by the National Measurement Institute, with fines ranging from $1000 or a warning up to $210,000.

Federal Industry, science and Technology Minister Karen Andrews said many businesses had been caught out before.

"There have been instances where supermarkets have already been caught selling their prepacked steaks at around 20 per cent underweight," she told 2GB today. "That's a significant problem.

"You're taking at face value what's written on the label, so if it says 1kg it needs to be 1kg. There is an obligation for supermarkets and other retail outlets to make sure their measuring equipment, whether by scale or volume, is accurate."

In 2017-18, around a third of audited businesses were found to have breached measurement guidelines. More than 30 licensed premises around the country were also caught under-pouring spirits in cocktails.

"We're out there now giving fair notice to retailers that they'll potentially be hit with significant auditing, so they've got the opportunity to rectify themselves," said Ms Andrews.

More than 50 fines totalling $65,250 were issued in the last financial year.

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