Garry brown said the Currumbin Alley dredging would help ease flooding effects.
Garry brown said the Currumbin Alley dredging would help ease flooding effects. John Gass

Creek dredging to move 40,000 cubic metres of sand north

CURRUMBIN Alley is a smorgasbord of watercraft.

On any given day most varieties of aquatic equipment can be seen floating, flying and frolicking in the water playground the creek mouth provides.

Surfboards, bodyboards, kite surfers, wind surfers, stand-up paddle boarders, swimmers and boaties all use this body of water on a regular basis, making it one busy stretch of water.

Long has the dredging of the creek mouth and the safety of the public using it been a topic of hot discussion between surfers and boaties, the high traffic flow creating some conflict in the past.

Garry Brown, Currumbin Volunteer Marine Rescue president said all the public need to do when using the creek mouth is execute some commonsense.

Mr Brown wanted to make it clear the dredging that takes place is part of a flood-prevention process and not something that favours any one group of water users.

"The dredging does not open up a specific boating channel or surf break. Some people seem to think the dredging favours this or that group, but it is not the case. If everyone just used good manners and common sense that would solve most of the issues," Mr Brown said.

"The bar is dredged for flood mitigation; if the sand builds up to a point where water cannot get in or out of the entrance quick enough in a flood situation, then the back-flow down the river worsens.

"You cannot leave it for too long as the sand refills itself fairly quickly."

The Gold Coast City Council is due to start dredging works in the creek earlier than expected, around late August into early next month.

The operation will see an estimated 40,000cu m of sand pumped from the estuary to the northern end of Fourth Ave, Palm Beach.

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