Crime spree leads to jail

A YOUNG man was jailed yesterday for a month-long Bonnie and Clyde-style run from the law.

Beau Tyson Robbins, 22, and his girlfriend, who is yet to be sentenced, spent a month causing havoc from Toowoomba to the Sunshine Coast.

Magistrate John Parker described it as "an incredibly intense spree of criminal activity".

"He and his girlfriend were racing around the countryside like Bonnie and Clyde stealing petrol and breaking into vehicles and homes while having a sawn-off shotgun," Mr Parker said.

Police prosecutor Shane Raison told Maroochydore Magistrates Court that Robbins was a disqualified driver when he was involved in two dangerous driving incidents with police in tow in Toowoomba.

He said that in one incident Robbins was doing 90kmh in a 60kmh zone and ran a red light. Police had to cease their pursuit because there was heavy traffic.

Sergeant Raison said the other dangerous driving incident involved reversing at speed in a car park and then driving over a footpath to get out.

He said Robbins drove "at great speed", repeatedly travelled on to the wrong side of the road, ran four red lights and made a car take evasive action.

Sgt Raison said that in one break-in the pair rummaged through a private home, stealing goods and the owner's vehicle, which was used in a dangerous driving offence.

During a search at Robbins' grandmother's Wurtulla home last month, police found stolen property and number plates.

Solicitor Chelsea Emery said her client began using cannabis at age 12 before moving to speed.

"My client said he was glad to get caught in the end so he could start afresh and that whole period would be over," Ms Emery said.

Robbins, who has served 22 days in custody, will be released on parole on January 9.

He was disqualified from driving for three years and must pay $606 restitution.

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