Crime stats take a dive

NEW crime statistics are shining a positive light on the Tweed.

Information released this week by the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show a drop in two major offences in the region for the two years ending June this year.

Break-and-enter into dwellings is down about 15 per cent.

The other, motor vehicle thefts, is down almost 17 per cent.

The figures were for the Richmond-Tweed district.

All other major crimes including murder, assaults and robberies were non-significant due to their small numbers.

Tweed/Byron Police Local Area Inspector Greg Jago said it was an impressive drop.

“We are happy with these results. I'm aware those trends have been sliding downwards over the past couple of months,” Insp Jago said yesterday.

“Police are continuing to focus attention in these areas and others which are reported to ensure a safer community.

Insp Jago said it was thanks to the implementation of new strategies.

He could not indulge on what they were.

Over the state, robbery without a weapon was down 19.8 per cent, robbery with a weapon not a firearm was down 14.9 per cent, theft from a motor vehicle was down 19.1 per cent, theft from a person down 9.1 per cent and motor vehicle theft was down 12.2 per cent.

Theft from a retail store was up 6.2 per cent, possession/use of narcotics was up 17.7 per cent, possession/use of cocaine was up 27.3 per cent, possession/use of ecstasy was up 53.4 per cent, offensive language was up 4.2 per cent and breach bail conditions were up 11 per cent.

Statistics In the 12 months ending June in Richmond-Tweed: 3 murders 984 domestic violence related assaults 1575 non-domestic violence relates assaults 166 Sexual assaults 219 Indecent assault and other sexual offences 1197 break and enter dwelling 585 motor vehicle theft 675 thefts from retail store 1041 theft from dwelling 230 thefts from person 749 cases of fraud 3633 malicious damage to property.

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