THE announcement today that the Queensland government has called for a multi million dollar cruise ship terminal at Broadwater has not taken the sting out of the tail of protesters set for a Save Our Spit Rally at Doug Jennings Park this Sunday.

Organiser Andy McKinnon, whose group Save Our Southern Beaches Alliance (SOSBA) is also rallying against a Leda Holdings proposal to build a terminal at North Kirra, said the possibility of a Broadwater Marine Project doesn't detract from a need to protect southern Gold Coast beaches from environmentally unfriendly development.

"We need some clarification from Leda as to whether their plans are going ahead," he said.

"But they are not talking to us."

SOSBA was launched at North Kirra Bilinga today to oppose Leda's $2 billion Gold Coast Ocean Terminal at Kirra.

Guest speaker at the launch, engineer John Standing said the impact at Kirra Beach was already great due to sand mining that takes 10,000 cubic metres of sand from the beach each week.

"If a terminal is put in, the problem of sand build up will dramatically increase due to the presence of the terminal and several pumps will have to be installed to deal with it," he said.

"The impact on the Kirra reef and the topography of the site will be disastrous."

Mr McKinnon said the announcement by the Queensland government calling for a cruise ship terminal, casino and residential development adjacent to Broadwater has pre-empted the Sunday rally would not faze the group.

"Now there are more questions than ever as to where a marina will go," he said.

"It could very well land back at Kirra if this other development doesn't go ahead.

"We are determined to save our beaches.

"Wherever the marina goes, there will be an impact.

"There's no joy for anyone in this.

"I understand the need for the economy to get a boost.

"But this is not the answer.

"This could be the biggest development ever seen here.

"We want to awaken sleeping giant with this rally.

"We will hang in and fight to protect the quality of life for our community."

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