Bridge jumpers flirting with danger.
Bridge jumpers flirting with danger. Geoff Potter

Dear editor: Bridge jumpers and bulk-billing a worry

A SELECTION of letters to the editor this week:


Cudgera Creek jumpers at risk

A RECENT edition of Tweed Link (council's newsletter) brought to our attention the dangers of jumping off the road bridge into Cudgen Creek at Kingscliff.

A similar, if not worse, hazard exists at the bridge over Cudgera Creek at Hastings Point.

During the recent school holidays, streams of children walked and ran on the road from the park against on-coming traffic to climb on to the bridge railing to jump off the eastern side of the bridge into Cudgera Creek.

There is no pedestrian path on the eastern side of the bridge.

And if you think Cudgen Creek is shallow at low tide, check out Cudgera Creek at low tide.

There's an accident waiting to happen here.

Ken Window, Pottsville


Mystery person mischief-making

TWEED Shire Council have told us that not many people know of Tweed Accountability Inc (TAI).

Strange, as our aim from the start has been to make our council accountable.

So to hear disparaging, unfounded, untrue rumours annoys me, although it's water off a duck's back to the others.

Having an inquiring mind, I thought I might look for some answers.

So all you super sleuths out there, can you identify the person?

The person of interest seems to have a very bitter demeanour, is hell bent on destroying TAI's credibility as if they know all that goes on within TAI.

This person never writes to the papers, identifying themselves or which garbage bin they sourced their earth-shattering information from.

As for the rumours that we have no intention of going the distance - well, all of you donors, we are accountable to you.

That is why we will not be chucking the towel in.

Perhaps you wiser folk out there can discuss the issue with your friends, and see if you can work out just who this person is.

Mike Yarrow, Byangum (Member of TAI)


What's Abbott up to with farmers?

I APPRECIATE Tony Abbott must be having difficulty in coming up with reasons for giving money to the farmers, in view of recent grants to claimants.

In the old days, if an inch of rain fell, we would have had headlines of "drought breaks" instead of "natural disasters".

And what about the old truism that farmers need one good year every seven years to make up for six poor years?

Jim Banks, Pottsville Beach


Hockey eyeing our super nest egg

JOE Hockey says Australia is broke and looks at using superannuation funds to fix the problem.

Australia is not broke, Joe Hockey. It's a case of you stashing away and hoarding taxpayer money, converting it into lazy money, and calling it a surplus - all to do with you and Abbott chest-beating about what good economic managers you are.

While vital infrastructure is rotting around the country, we need to invest in vital new structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or services and facilities necessary for an economy to function well.

The necessity of such vital projects of essential services and acquiring tangible assets to hold our nation in good stead and prosper is above your intellect.

You do not have not the mental capacity to understand that.

Keep your grubby hands off superannuation funds, hard-earned savings of Australian mums and dads.

You, Hockey, are out of your depth!

Cease making a fool of yourself as you constantly go about your self-seeking hammy acting and speeches. It's time to hand the treasurer's job over to someone who can cope.

Gary Shadforth, Tweed Heads


Pressure off our hospital?

THE word furphy was created in Gallipoli during the First World War.

It came about through stories from the water carriers, who distributed water from tanks made by the Furphy Foundry.

Watermen were known to give out information that were often incorrect.

I wrote a letter to Your Local Voice two weeks ago critical of the lack of bulk-billing at the GP Super Clinic. I had no idea my little critique would attract a full page in last week's Daily News.

Rick McKee, the executive officer of the GP Super Clinic is telling furphies. The only reason I wrote my original letter re the lack of bulk-billing at the super clinic was because a pensioner friend of mine went there for a routine shot, at his wife's urging.

Surprise, surprise he asked to be bulk-billed and was told no, it was up to the doctor. He was out of pocket for a simple shot, which would have cost him nothing, had he gone to his regular doctor.

The original Elliot/Rudd government proposal was to take pressure off our hospital. I would like to see the actual percentage of bulk-billed patients at the GP Super Clinic and also the vast drop in patients presenting to our hospital.

Over to you, Justine - or are you too involved in state issues?

George Kelly, Terranora


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