Currumbin RSL sous chef Scott Atwood gets green with the grubs.
Currumbin RSL sous chef Scott Atwood gets green with the grubs. John Gass

Currumbin greenest club in Qld

CURRUMBIN RSL is officially the greenest club in Queensland.

The club took out Clubs Queensland's award for Best Environment Practices for 2010 and they aren't stopping there.

CEO Anne Stovin said one of the RSL board's many goals was to reduce its environmental footprint.

“The board has seven key goals and one is good corporate citizenship,” Mrs Stovin said.

“Currumbin is a green area anyway, so we had plenty of inspiration.

“The award is a new award this year so it was a real honour.”

Mrs Stovin said duty manager Brian Calwell was the key driver of the green transformation.

“When Brian came on board he was able to dedi- cate time and resources to making us a greener club,” Mrs Stovin said.

“We recycle cardboard, glass, cans and plastic.

“We also have a grub farm so they decompose our food waste.

“This way only a small amount of waste is taken off-site.

“We have also installed quantum heat pumps instead of hot water tanks, and all our lights have been replaced with energy-saving bulbs.”

Mrs Stovin hopes the local community is inspired by the club's efforts.

“I think other clubs in the area will be inspired by us and start to change their environmental impact,” she said.

“Whether they're motivated by the environment, or the decrease in costs is not the point. It all goes back into the environment.

“Operational costs of clubs are huge. Our electricity bill is more than $200,000 a year, so I'm sure other businesses would be happy to cut costs.”

Next on the agenda for the Currumbin green thumbs is a sustainable food-production system called aquaponics.

The system combines traditional aquaculture – raising aquatic animals such as fish – with hydroponics – cultivating plants in water.

“In the next year we would love to experiment with aquaponics,” she said.

“Soon we will have excess grubs from our farm and we can then use them to feed our own fish and fertilise our own plants.”

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