Chandra Harding.
Chandra Harding.

Customer pays as man holds up servo

A SERVICE station attendant kept serving customers as a thief he knew tried to fleece the till next to him.

Chandra Harding, 27, was drunk when he went into a Sunshine Coast service station in May last year, put his hand on the neck of the service station worker and told him he was going to rob the place.

However, the staffer knew Harding and thought he was joking.

Harding was not.

He jumped the counter and told the worker: “I’m going to kill you if you don’t give me the money.”

The station attendant tried to stop Harding but could not.

As Harding tried to get money from the till, a cab driver walked in and paid his fuel bill.

Eventually, the police were called.

Harding gave up. He went outside and sat on the footpath, waiting for police to arrive.

Harding pleaded guilty in Maroochy-dore District Court yesterday to attempted robbery, fraud and stealing.

Around the same time as the attempted hold-up at the service station, Harding also stole his mother’s engagement ring.

His mother, who has dementia, had left it in a bowl beside her bed.

Harding pawned the $7500 ring for $500.

The court was told Harding had turned his life around and was enrolled at University of the Sunshine Coast with the intention of studying an IT course.

Judge Keith Dodds sentenced Harding to 18 months’ imprisonment with a parole release day of yesterday.

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