Dance coaches rock

JESSE Argent may only be 14 years old, but he is the head coach at the Barrier Rocks dance workshops at Wintersun this year.

He is part of the Cairns-based dance school directed by Keith Doughan, which has travelled to Wintersun for 16 years and has children rock 'n' roll dancers teach the workshops.

The dance school provides one-hour classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced rock 'n' roll dancers during Wintersun.

Felicity Wright has returned for her fourth year at Wintersun as a choreographer with Barrier Rocks.

She said the children who taught the workshops were aged five to 14 years old.

“The crowds love the children and we always have good feedback on our classes,” Ms Wright said.

“We teach the first six steps of rock 'n' roll and usually put on half-hour shows where the children dance to rock 'n' roll music.

“The kids choreograph all their own dances.”

Another Wintersun dance workshop organiser, Jeanette Probyn, will run rockabilly dance workshops tomorrow and Friday.

Mrs Probyn and her husband Allan own a dance school in Brisbane and have been involved in Wintersun for 16 years.

She said the workshops originally started because people were coming from all over Australia to attend Wintersun and were not given a chance to dance.

“They are there for people to get a taste of each different style of dancing in rock 'n' roll,” Mrs Probyn said.

“They might want to learn a few basics of a new style or just pick up a different dance move.”

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