A dead whale washed up on a Bowen beach.
A dead whale washed up on a Bowen beach. Ruby Hill

UPDATE: Dead whale washed up on Bowen beach is buried

UPDATE, 5.30pm: A DEAD whale found washed up near the North Queensland Cruising Yacht Club in Bowen this morning has been buried.    

A spokesperson for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) said Whitsunday Regional Council (WRC) coordinated the burial of the carcass this afternoon.   

Under a Memorandum of Agreement with QPWS, council staff collected measurements, photos and a blubber sample aided by a local turtle volunteer.  

After conferring with a James Cook University researcher, a QPWS spokesperson said judging by the pictures posted to Facebook, the whale was believed to be either a dwarf minke whale or an Antartic minke whale.   

The whale was brought to the public's attention this morning when Ruby Hill posted a photo to a Bowen community Facebook page.   

"This poor little whale didn't make it, pictures taken in front of sail club," Ms Hill said on her post.  

In the pictures, the whale looked to have been attacked by another animal.   

The QPWS spokesperson said predation was commonly seen in stranded marine mammals that were already sick, injured or deceased.  

As dwarf minkes are known to travel through Bowen on their annual migration to the northern Ribbon Reefs near Cooktown in June and July, the spokesperson said it wasn't unusual to spot them in the area.   

To report an animal washed up on shore, contact 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625). 


INITIAL: A PHOTO of a dead whale has been posted on a community page on social media.

The image posted by Facebook user Ruby Hill reads:

"This poor little whale didn't make it pictures taken in front of sail club," she said.

It's believed the dead whale washed up near the North Queensland Cruising Yacht Club at Bowen.

Last week two whales were spotted in the Whitsundays.

An OzSail employee was on board Spank Me, working on deck in the Whitsunday islands on Monday afternoon when he spotted not one, but two humpback whales swimming alongside the boat.  

Craig Falkenmire was below the deck at the time and raced up when he heard Mr Cunningham's call.  

"We thought they (the whales) were going to hit the anchor chain because they were so close," Mr Falkenmire said.

In May, drone footage has captured 70 huge tiger sharks devouring a dead humpback whale in Shark Bay on the Western Australian coastline.

Two boatloads of tourists witnessed the feeding frenzy first-hand.  

The aerial vision was captured by Eco Abrolhos, an island tour company,  four days into a 14-day cruise to the Kimberley, travelling from Geraldton to Broome.

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