Steven Michael shows off his 1964 EH Holden Panel Van. Photo: Blainey Woodham / Daily News
Steven Michael shows off his 1964 EH Holden Panel Van. Photo: Blainey Woodham / Daily News Blainey Woodham

Dear Editor: Holden hassles, tank trouble and boy’s toys

HERE'S a batch of our latest letters to the editor from Saturday's print edition of the Daily News.

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Paying the price for union

THERE has been considerable media coverage regarding the proposed closure of Holden plants in Australia in 2017.

Unions and Labor are crying "What about the poor workers?"

The workers at Holden are privileged workers.

The base rate for Holden production workers is about $80,000 per annum.

Add to that overtime and bonuses and Holden workers' pay is well over $100,000 per annum.

A lot of workers in Australia receive a base wage of just over $30,000 per annum.

Over the past 12 years, Holden has received $2.2 billion in taxpayers' money. This means that taxpayers have been paying about $48,000 per annum per worker.

Supposedly, the purpose of giving taxpayers' money over the years was that Holden would eventually be globally competitive. This has never happened.

It is not hard to see why Holden has failed. Holden's management has given control of how they run their production to their unions.

Typically, Holden's union agreements have prevented the use of robotics or outsourcing without union approval.

Casuals are not allowed. Any contractors have to come from a union approved list. Changes to production require union approval.

Changes to shift arrangements involve bureaucratic union processes. Union delegates are given 12 months leave for union training.

It is no wonder the unions are angry over Holden closing. Car unions charge about $800 per annum in fees to Holden workers who are effectively forced to join the union.

With 2900 jobs going, that is potentially $2.3 million in lost annual income to those unions. It looks like there will be forced redundancies among union officials. Who knows what their payouts will be?

At least the Holden production workers cannot complain. They still enjoy risk-free jobs until 2017. When Holden does close, the average production worker stands to receive a redundancy package of between $300,000 and $500,000.

The big losers with the pending closure of Holden will be the people involved in the component manufacturing industries.

Victor Crowley



Airing a problem

HOW many of us on tank water have had spells when the water is literally putrid?

Stink is another word ... the water is unusable. I have drained, scrubbed and refilled our tank several times. The experts told me it is from birds etc doing woopsies on the roof.

Other experts told me it is because you have leaf litter in your gutters. Wrong. At last I have found out the real reason. The water has become stagnant.

So I have connected a line (in fact a garden hose) from my air compressor to the tank. Initially, after one hour, I noticed an improvement.

By the second day's one hour blow, all smell had gone. Fantastic!

For others' information, I blow the air into a length of conduit with holes drilled every six inches in for half the tank's water depth. The pipe is plugged at the bottom, and no holes within a foot of the bottom, to prevent stirring up any sediment on the bottom of the tank. All holes are on one side only, so that it gets water movement going, and thus reoxygenates moving water all the time. Hope this helps many rural water users. A happy new year, and good drinking water to you all.

Mike Yarrow



Sharing the joy

LES If you miss the sheer joy of singing those old and so well loved carols at Christmas - please don't despair.

The village of Tyalgum continues to share the joy with the whole Tweed Valley, just what you missed at Coolangatta, a community sing-a-long of well-known carols, as well as musical items with that same Christmas heart.

And we will again early in December 2014 on an afternoon and evening, in the grounds and lovely Tyalgum Community Hall, in a total community celebration of Christmas.

Thanks to the Daily News for the good work they do, sharing our joy in a family-focused Christmas.

Dennis Scanlon

Tyalgum Community Christmas Carols


Pirates take note

THE armada of jibs, mains, mizzens, genoas, spinnakers, and their cleats, batons, booms, stays, yards, gaffs, clews, and cheek-blocks in the Sydney-Hobart yacht fantasia, mocks our underprivileged.

The toys of the boys who screw millions out of honest folk, steal from us ordinary brokers on the stock market, inside trading and in corporate fraud.

The theatre of the absurd - the media accent on a few muli-million super boats, high-tech indulgence which is pointless and extravagant.

I savour my joy imagining the fat cheats cribbed and confined in their cramped cockpits, tossing and green of face, reduced to the technicolour yawn, and their roaring into the sea.

Frank Hainsworth



On centrestage

IN reference to the letter by MJ McFie of December 29, I prefer we might agree to disagree.

However, I would like to point out that the Letters page in this paper has always catered for controversial subjects, but without the editorialising or pushing some proprietorship opinions of the owners, as is common to some capital city papers.

Accordingly, I do say that it is ridiculous to suggest that the Daily News is leftist leaning, although some writers, such as myself, certainly are.

And again, Mr McFie must be very happy with the Daily News to have allowed him full opportunity in order to express his views.

But this is called freedom of speech and long may it continue.

I wish the Daily News editor, staff and readers a happy new year, and trust all letter writers continue to contribute thought-proving opinions to this great paper.

Jim Banks

Pottsville Beach


Up the creek

WHAT are you Daily News people smoking? On page 28 of the Daily News of December 28, you talk about Pottsville Creek.

I've got news for you. There is no Pottsville Creek. It's Mooball Creek!

On the same page you talk about Hastings Creek.

More news for you. There is no Hastings Creek. It's Cudgera Creek!

One of the reasons I buy the Daily News is I thought it was put together by locals who knew their locality.

Obviously not!

Ken Window


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