COINCIDENCE: No relationship between our earthquakes

UPDATE, 10AM: ONE of the more surprising facts to come out of this morning's 4.4M earthquake was it that it came on exactly the same day as another rumble.

Last year's 4.0M was recorded about 100km east of Fraser Island, and came two weeks after a larger, 5.5M earthquake.

This morning's earthquake was recorded by Geoscience Australia as a 4.4M, with the epicentre north east of Hervey Bay and Bundaberg, about 1.30am.

Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Dr PhIl Cummins said any relationship between the two was most likely coincidental.

"It is strange," Dr Cummins said.

He said it could be argued the earthquakes were "part of a cluster" that are in the same area as Queensland's largest earthquake was recorded on June 7, 1918 (measuring 6.0M off Gladstone).

"It could be related but we just don't know," he said.

The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (JATWC) said there was no tsunami threat.

Dr Cummins explained earthquakes generally had to be about 7.0-7.5M to cause a tsunami, but submarine landslides could also be responsible.

"For the very large tsunamis it has to be move the sea floor, and that generally needs a 7 or 7.5M for a significant movement," he said.

"Smaller earthquakes can generate submarine landslides which can also cause tsunamis."

Dr Cummins said fault reports were important to Geoscience Australia's continued research into earthquakes as it helped determine not only its size, but heightens accuracy in terms of how far away from the epicentre it can be felt.

"We are incredibly grateful for those who submit reports," he said.

Felt an earthquake? Let Geoscience Australia know by completing this form.

EARLIER: DID YOU feel the earth move this morning?

Geoscience Australia recorded a 4.4M earthquake north east of Hervey Bay and Bundaberg about 1.30am.

Based on the data available on GA's website, the source appears to be east of Gladstone and north of Hervey Bay and Bundaberg. 

GA estimated the earthquake could be felt about 93km away. 

There is no tsunami threat.

On this day last year, a magnitude 4 earthquake struck off the Fraser Coast. 

>> Magnitude 4.0 earthquake recorded off Fraser Island

It struck approximately 100km east of Fraser Island on August 14, 2015 at 11:06am

It followed a magnitude 5.5 quake reported 110km east of Fraser Island on August 1.

Did you feel anything this morning? Tell us below. 

Karen M Andersen: Yes, I live in Maryborough in a high-blocked Queenslander with concrete stumps. It gave our house a really good shake and I could hear the rumble from it. It woke me up. Scary.

Vicki Belgrove: Yes Scarness Hervey Bay woke up to built in wardrobe shaking beds moving.

Tracy Chamberlain: I am in kawungan, main street side and felt nothing i was also awake.

Kristeen Vaughan: I am in takura and my windows shook but not much i thought it was strong wind until now 😄

Jasmine Ward: Im in hervey bay hospital didn't feel anything...

Stuart Watson: Yep thought the kids where running a muck but they are asleep

Jude Travers Jackson: Yep sure did - Wondunna - whole house shook for about 10 seconds!!

Bim Herd: Yeah I felt it while in bed heard my blind rattle an felt the bed moving. But wasn't major felt bigger shakes as I'm from New Zealand.

Trischa Hope: Yep felt the bed move a bit

Andrew Lane: Yep, sure did

Connie Kelly: Yes. Rules Beach

Syd N Ellie: My dog was growling...

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