Disabled motorist 'in tears' over nasty anonymous letter

TO the concerned citizen who left a personalised letter on the windscreen of my car addressed with my first name (I guess you worked that out by my personalised number plate, very clever of you) in Ruthven St on January 23 advising me that I shouldn't be parking in a disabled zone and if I do park there again you will notify the police and council.

I guess you got a laugh and a feeling of self satisfaction when you saw me opening the envelope when I got into my car.

I bet you didn't see the part where I was in tears as I drove away though.

What right do you have to be judge, jury and executioner without knowing the facts? For your information:

  1. I had my disabled permit clearly visible on my dash.
  2. You don't know me, just because I can walk short distances at this stage does not mean I am not disabled.
  3. I took your letter to the police station along with my permit of proof so they are aware of what you are up to.
  4. I rang council and they don't know who you are so you are not working on their behalf.
  5. Have the decency to leave your name or number next time you do a cowardly act like this so that I can have a chance to explain to you my illness and how much you upset me, especially considering I am still coming to terms with what my future has in store for me.
  • SUE CARR, Toowoomba


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