Tweed Snorkelling and Whale Watching owner Erez Beatus is adding freediving courses to his business.
Tweed Snorkelling and Whale Watching owner Erez Beatus is adding freediving courses to his business. Crystal Spencer

Diving into a new venture

EREZ Beatus is diving into a new business venture.

The owner of Tweed Snorkelling and Whale Watching has begun a freediving course, the only one of its kind on the Tweed and Gold Coast.

Freediving requires divers to stay underwater without a breathing apparatus for as long as possible.

“My greatest passion has always been the water,” Mr Beatus said.

“I’ve dedicated my life to exploring new ways of being in water and sharing my knowledge with others.

The 35-year-old, who began holding his breath “for fun” at four, has already taught more than 1000 people and is now taking local students diving off Cook Island.

“The Tweed is amazing for freediving. There is a lot to see, including turtles, dolphins and even leopard sharks,” Mr Beatus said.

“We go down about 18 metres off Cook Island, which isn’t that deep compared to other parts of the world.

Mr Beatus said an array of people take up freediving.

“A lot of spear fishermen in the area have taken it up lately,” he said.

“It’s also popular with photographers and surfers.”

The former world record holder also founded Freediving International, a school which developed into an association and internationally recognised training entity and established the Israeli freediving team in 1998 when he coached and captained the team in four world championships.

“Freediving is not just about holding your breath for minutes at a time, it’s about how to breathe properly,” he said.

“Learning how to breathe properly helps out everything and can also improve lifestyles.

“Everyone can do it, you don’t have to be a super hero or even super fit.”

Mr Beatus said freediving is one of the fastest developing sports in the world.

“There are competitions, champions and world records in freediving.”

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