Dodgy cars to be driven from roads

NSW Transport Minister David Campbell has announced law changes to crackdown on dangerous motorists who are driving unregistered 'death trap' cars.

Mr Campbell said speed cameras would now be used to not only catch speeding drivers but to also identify unregistered and uninsured vehicles.

“People who drive unregistered and uninsured vehicles are not paying their way and motorists who do the right thing are the ones who pay the price,” Mr Campbell said.

“Not only are they cheating the system but they're also posing a major safety risk, with bald tyres, faulty brakes and dangerous car modifications going undetected.

“These laws will stop unregistered drivers in their tracks.”

Mr Campbell said the RTA estimated that around 65,000 motor vehicles on NSW roads are unregistered and uninsured.

“The camera technology will be used to photograph number plates and anyone caught speeding or running a red light will have their number plate checked to make sure their vehicle is registered,” he said.

Dangerous drivers cheating the law, will now not only face speeding fines, but also fines for unregistered an uninsured vehicles, when caught by a camera.

(i) Using an unregistered vehicle [Fine Level 8] = >$486

(ii) Using an uninsured vehicle [Fine Level 8] = >$486

“An unregistered motor vehicle is automatically not covered for Compulsory Third Party insurance and if it's involved in a crash, it is not insured if someone is injured,” Mr Campbell said.

“Personal injury claims caused by unregistered motor vehicles cost more than $18.5 million a year in NSW.

“These people are pushing up the cost of insurance for everyone else.

“And this will help make our roads safer.”

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