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Dolly Parton: Witherspoon's boobs are too small to play me

DOLLY Parton is worried Reese Witherspoon's breasts are too small for her to play her in a biopic.

The country music legend is in discussions to have a film made about her life and she has had a conversation with her "dear friend" Reese about the actress portraying her on the big screen.

Dolly's huge boobs are as synonymous with her as her music and she worries the 38-year-old Hollywood star doesn't have a chest that can match hers, but Oscar winner Reese has come up with a solution.

In an interview on TV show 'Lorraine', the 'Blue Smoke' singer said: "Reese Witherspoon is a dear friend of mine, in fact I was with her last week and we were talking about doing some things together. We were talking about my life story, and I went, 'Well people always say to me, 'Why don't you get Reese Witherspoon (to play you).'' And I always say, 'Her boobs ain't big enough! I think she's too little to rag this around! I wouldn't put that on her.' But Reese said, 'Well, there's padding, I've got enough to do it!' I said, 'Well, we're talk about it.' "

There is also talk of a musical based on Dolly's incredible life and six-decade spanning career and the blonde star insists she's up for her story being told on stage and screen because there's enough "to go round".

She said: "There's a lot of my life to go round, I've lived a long time and I've lived fast, and I've lived good, and I've lived bad, let's put all that in a movie."

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