Dreaming of $90 million

NEWSAGENCIES all over the Tweed were buzzing yesterday with punters hoping to win last night's record $90 million Oz Lotto prize; especially the shire's luckiest shop - Murwillumbah Newsagency.

The family-run newsagency was named by NSW Lotteries as the ninth-luckiest store in the state, behind mostly Sydney newsagencies.

Although the announcement came as a surprise, co-owner Bill Kirkwood said their status was not unexpected.

“We knew we were pretty well up there because we sell a fair percentage of tickets in this town and we have a fair few winners,” Mr Kirkwood said.

Murwillumbah Newsagency has sold many large prizes, including a $6 million prize about five years ago.

“We're due for another big win,” Mr Kirkwood said.

The team was hoping last night's draw would be won, ideally by a local, so the prize did not jackpot again.

“It's been a terribly busy week,” Mr Kirkwood said.

“It's an interesting one this one (the Lotto) because people started buying it right from the start a week ago. Usually it's more just sales on the day.”

And Mr Kirkwood predicted they will be just as busy today.

“After we have a Lotto draw of any size, the next day we have a negative cash flow because we're paying out small prizes all day,” he said.

“It's a good feeling when people win. All the major prizes we've sold have been local, and all have gone to people that were well and truly appreciative.”

Despite last night's odds, Mr Kirkwood hoped people would still be optimistic: “The odds are about 45 million to one, but you have to have a ticket to be in it,” he said

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