Woman stops to help dog attack victim, gets verbally abused

WHEN Brianna Jacobsen saw two dogs viciously attack an elderly man on Dean St yesterday, she immediately pulled her car over and ran to help.

The dog attack was horrifying enough, with the man's leg covered in blood, but it's what motorists did that Brianna describes as "disgusting" and "horrible".

"I was the only one who stopped (to help) and there were heaps of people going past and yelling at me" she said.

Brianna pulled her car over into the far lane on Dean St and put her hazard lights on, as she jumped into action to help the 72-year-old man who had a gash on his leg from the attack.

But motorists driving by at 9am started yelling profanities at Brianna and honking their horns.

Two dogs in the area had attacked the man seconds earlier as he was walking home from the shops.

Brianna told The Bulletin she saw the dogs run from their property to the man looking like they were in "full attack mode".

Brianna tried to stop the bleeding with a spare baby nappy she had in the car, and called an ambulance, all while taking abuse from motorists driving by.

"The man had a lot of bite marks and there was so much blood," she said.

"He was shaking a lot and scared; the dogs had him on his knees and he was bleeding everywhere when I arrived."

Brianna described one dog as being at knee-height and the other a bit smaller.

Brianna said an animal catcher from Rockhampton Regional Council had taken one of the dogs away.

"He was such a lovely man," Brianna said.

"It's concerning that no one stopped.

"Rocky used to be a place where something happened to someone everyone would pull over to help."

The man was taken to Rockhampton Hospital for treatment and returned home yesterday.

A spokesperson from Council said a Great Dane (cross) was surrendered to council yesterday.

"A Great Dane (cross) and a Shitzu (cross) were allegedly involved in an attack on Dean St. The Great Dane (cross) has been surrendered to Council and investigations are continuing."

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