Police target unsecure loads

TWEED Byron Highway Patrol officers were shocked by the number of drivers risking the lives of others on our roads.

Senior Constable Troy Cutler said on Thursday they completed Operation Utility, which targeted unsecured loads on utes, trucks and trailers.

“The operation was only run actively for five hours and 11 breaches were issued for unsecured loads, eight cautions were given and one person was charged,” Snr Cnst Cutler said.

“We were certainly surprised by the numbers, they speak for themselves.”

Forty-three other infringement were issued for offences including speeding, unregistered vehicles and driving unlicensed.

“One hundred and seven RBTs (random breath tests) were conducted and there were a number of breaches detected,” Snr Cnst Cutler said.

Operation Utility was run due to the amount of complaints police receive from people in regards to these matters, he said.

“We believe it was worthwhile. We’ll be addressing these issues on-going.”

Driving a vehicle with an unfastened load incurs a $338 fine and three licence points.

Snr Cnst Cutler said the worst thing they saw during the day was a plumber’s utility with about 40 poly pipe connecters unrestrained.

“It only takes one of these things to fly off and kill someone.”

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