Dunked dog gets revenge

CONSTABLE Waldo the drug-detecting labrador suffered the indignity of having beer poured over him while on duty nosing around patrons at the Byron Bay Beach Hotel.

But the golden-haired sniffing drug detection agent got justice when his assailant was fined $1000 after being found guilty of resisting Waldo's handler, senior constable Justin Mickan.

Jason McLean, 35,a sports clothing distributor from the Central Coast, had pleaded not guilty to the charge of resisting a police officer at the Beach Hotel on the night of August 29, 2008.

In evidence at the Byron Bay Local Court hearing on Friday, officer Mickan said he saw McLean dump the schooner of beer over Waldo while doing a walk-through of the crowded hotel checking people for drugs.

“He (McLean) walked close to Waldo smiled at me and poured a schooner of beer over Waldo,” officer Mickan said.

“It was poured all over his back.

“Waldo stood behind me with his tail behind its legs. He was quite timid as labrador's have a different temperament to an alsatian.”

The officer said Waldo 'froze up' following his dunking and became useless, unable to work anymore sniffing out drugs that night.

During cross-examination from McLean's barrister, Peter Linegar, officer Mickan said the beer had been tipped over Waldo.

He said Mclean did not kick Waldo, a claim McLean alleged police wrongly made to him on the night.

In evidence officer Haywood said he did not make the allegation, instead only telling McLean 'to pull his head in'.

McLean in evidence denied pouring beer over Waldo but had been working his way through the crowd with a beer when 'tackled' to the ground by the officers and handcuffed.

McLean made a number of allegations against the officers but magistrate Nicholas Reimer said he did not believe his evidence.

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