Eddie Betts remains embroiled in controversy.
Eddie Betts remains embroiled in controversy.

Betts addresses ‘unfathomable bombshell’

ADELAIDE superstar Eddie Betts has responded to an explosive report he was left emotionally frayed by the Crows' infamous pre-season camp.

A report from SEN Breakfast co-host and Channel 7 reporter Sam McClure claims Betts was left traumatised by "unthinkable" treatment during the club's gruelling pre-season camp, run by mind performance psychological experts Collective Mind.

Fox Sports reported in March the camp was emotionally distressing for Crows players as they were reportedly forced to adopt a "cult-like" mentality.

According to reports the camp involved players being blindfolded for extended periods of time and they were also reportedly forced to listen to Richmond's theme song for extended periods.

McClure singled out Betts on Wednesday morning, declaring the Crows should be "ashamed" of how the 31-year-old was treated during their pre-season training.

"They've got this unfathomable situation with Eddie Betts, who hasn't been happy there for sometime because of what happened at the training camp," McClure said.

"What happened on that camp... it's unthinkable that they would do that to anyone.


Eddie Betts has rejected a claim he targeted during a pre-season camp.
Eddie Betts has rejected a claim he targeted during a pre-season camp.

"It's too personal and Eddie doesn't want it spoken about and Eddie is not the only one that had some really unfair, emotional pressure, that has nothing to do with football, put on him.

"It affected him for weeks. You wonder why he only kicked three goals in his first four games.

"He is still getting over it, his family is still getting over it.

"One day, if Eddie wants the full story to come out, then that football club should be ashamed with what they put him through."

Betts has responded to McClure's report to declare he remains happy at the Crows.

"That's not true," Betts said on Wednesday.

"I love the footy club. Ever since I moved across here the footy club and the town itself has treated me really, really well. I can't see myself going anywhere else. I'll finish my career at the Crows."

"People get a lot out of Collective Minds and some people don't. I got a fair bit out of it. I'm happy at the footy club.

Eddie Betts said he is content at the Crows.
Eddie Betts said he is content at the Crows.

"At times when I was going into the footy club it had nothing to do with the camp, it was more so my body. I felt why am I playing, why am I putting myself through this - because my body feels like it's not holding up.

"Having kids and a beautiful family gives me a reason to play footy. I'm playing because of my family.

"I'll play until my body tells me I can't play anymore. I've got two years left on my contract. I'll continue to play footy and enjoy it, but if my body breaks down it breaks down.

"It's a different feeling to last year. Last year was a different feeling - we were winning. We've got three losses on the trot. During the week you think about how next time we can get over the line. It does get you down at the club a little bit.

"There's a part of Collective Minds where we were doing a lot of last year, I'll continue to do that and through the rest of my time at the club. It's still a part of the club and something we're looking forward to continuing."

The incredible report was followed by claims from former Crows player Stephen Rowe on Wednesday that the club is in "crisis".

It came as reports indicated star tall Mitch McGovern wants to leave the Crows and join a Victorian club - less than one year into his new three-year contract.

Mitch McGovern celebrates a goal.
Mitch McGovern celebrates a goal.

"I find it extremely hard to believe," Rowe said of the Betts report.

"But for me where there's smoke there's fire.

"Crows right now for me are in crisis, there is no other word for it. To lose to Freo in the manner they did, something is amiss. Eddie on your show said he needs the fun back. Don Pyke after the game said we're out of sync. JJ (Josh Jenkins) to us said synergy.

"I've called every game, especially the last three I don't see any spirit at all.

"Their footy program has not delivered… and that needs explaining and addressing, not by media like me potting them from the cheap seats. Come and tell their members why they think they're six and six, what's not worked, why the soft tissue injuries, why the team's flat and bereft of confidence.

"The football program has failed a group of players that all they want to do is play and win a flag and they're in the premiership window. It's up to the club to give the facts.

"It's their problem and their supporters deserve the transparency."

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