Richmond MP Justine Elliot.
Richmond MP Justine Elliot. Contributed

Elliot hits out at uni proposals

RICHMOND MP Justine Elliot has lashed out at the Turnbull Government over proposed funding cuts which would affect Southern Cross University.

The government under Tony Abbott was pushing to free up universities from capped fees which it argued would increase competitiveness.

Following a widespread public outcry and the prime ministerial reshuffle, those plans have been put aside for 12 months, but have not been abandoned.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Mrs Elliot said the proposed cuts would mean “$100,000” university degrees in the future and could include further cuts worth $64m to SCU until 2019.

“Fees will increase and all the kids who access our great regional universities will not be able to do that,” Mrs Elliot said.

“It is a shameful disgrace that the National Party are pursuing this. They are pursuing it at a time of record youth unemployment. In areas like ours ... kids need to be able to access training or educational services.”

An SCU spokesperson told the Tweed Daily News: “The Federal Government is not proceeding with deregulation of university fees in 2016 and has indicated it will consult widely with the university sector before proposing any further changes.”

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