Express delivery under tree


ALEKSANDRA and Lucasz Kucharski received a special present under the Christmas tree with the arrival of their son Armin Aleksander Kucharski on Christmas Day.

The proud mum said the planned home birth was the best experience of her life.

“We had a very short labour under the Christmas tree,” she said.

“I had an amazing midwife who I've had since before the birth, and the continuity of care was wonderful.

“She was so calm.”

The Christmas miracle was taken to Tweed hospital the next morning for a quick check-up before being discharged that night.

Despite being five days late he was perfectly healthy at 5953 grams.

“It was as if he chose to come on Christmas Day,” Ms Kucharski said.

The Kucharski family was happy with the decision to have a natural home birth overseen by qualified midwife Andrea Juszczak.

“Any intervention in a labour can be dangerous,” Ms Kucharski said.

“With one midwife throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and after-care, they know you, they know your body and your baby.

“At the hospital the next day we saw 12 midwives within 10 hours,” she said.

“We would definitely choose a home birth again.”

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