IF you have lost faith in humanity, here is a little yarn to restore your hopes that most people really are honest.

For something a little bit different, this week the Daily News decided to test the integrity of Tweed residents by planting wallets throughout the region.

On Wednesday, we bought five second-hand wallets and put a $5 note in each one, along with business cards, a fake family photo, old receipts and a contact telephone number.

Our reporters dropped them in various locations, including Tweed Marina, Tweed City Shopping Centre's food court, Club Banora's car park, Murwillumbah's Knox Park and Kingscliff beach.

By Thursday morning our phones were ringing.

Kingscliff was first, where a police officer called to let us know an older gentleman had handed in a wallet after his morning walk on the beach.

The $5 was still safe inside.

The next call came from Murwillumbah, where Amanda Lindh and employee at the community centre reported finding a wallet on a seat near her office.

"I saw it as I was walking in," she said.

Unfortunately the $5 had been pinched.

"It is a popular walking area and I was surprised to see it there so I picked it up," she said.

Mrs Lindh said she believed Murwillumbah was an honest town, despite the petty theft of $5.

The next call came from Club Banora.

Terry Yaxley spotted the wallet on his way to a game of bingo at the club.

"I just rode my bike down and saw the purse," he said.

"I picked it up and gave it in... there was $5 in it."

Unfortunately his good deed didn't bring any luck to his game.

"I haven't had a win for seven weeks now," he said.

Next was Tweed City Shopping Centre's information desk.

Cleaner Jeanie Luxford said a customer pointed it out to her on her shift.

"He told me he hoped someone would do the same for him," she said.

"I got it and took it straight up."

The money was still inside and that, in no way, shocked Miss Luxford.

"It doesn't surprise me," she said.

"I think people are honest."

A wallet isn't the strangest thing Miss Luxford has found in her five years with Tweed City.

She said just last week she found a set of false teeth.

Marketing manager Megan Connellan said a man collected them a short time later and happily popped them back in his mouth.

The shopping centre regularly finds walking sticks, hearing aids and glasses.

They once even found a blow up pool.

The last one to be found was at theTweed Marina.

Tweed Endeavour Cruises owner Kylie Peterson said a customer found it on the way to the bathroom and handed it in.

Everyone who we talked to had enormous faith in the honesty of the Tweed community to do the right thing.

The 'honesty test' goes to show if you leave a contact number in your wallet you just might get it back.

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