Witness says she saw Field deliver fatal punch to farmer

A KEY witness in the death of Kelvin Kane at the Kingscliff Beach Hotel in 2012 has described what she believes was the fatal blow that killed her life-long friend.

Craig Field, 41, is charged with murder over the death of the 50-year-old cattle farmer on July 15.

Lyn Burger told Lismore Supreme Court that Mark Frost, who rented a farm off Mr Kane, called his landlord asking him to come to the hotel.

Ms Burger said during the afternoon and evening she encountered abuse from Shaun "Feathers" Fathers in relation to a former relationship with a Cudgen Hornets rugby league player.

"You have a hide to show your head in here," Ms Burger said Mr Fathers told her in an aggressive tone.

When Ms Burger and Mr Kane followed Mr Frost and his partner Lauren Grainger to their Holden Rodeo dual cab ute to leave the hotel, Ms Burger said Field went to talk to Mr Frost on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Ms Burger said while Field was on the driver's side of the ute she saw "a blue shirt come down the passenger side of the car".

After getting out of the ute, Ms Burger said she saw Mr Kane, Mr Fathers, Field and Mr Frost in a circle, tussling.

"Kelvin had his hands in the air, he was backing away," she said.

Ms Burger said she was behind Mr Fathers when he was confronting Mr Kane, and Field was behind her to her left.

"Craig Field came from around behind me," she told the court.

"When he got around near me Fathers stepped to the right then Fieldsy hit Kelvin."

Ms Burger described the punch as a closed fist to the left temple of Mr Kane and said she didn't see any other punches thrown at the deceased.

Under cross examination by Field's barrister Tony Bellanto QC, Ms Burger admitted giving inconsistent evidence to the jury compared with statements to police.

In her first statement to police, Ms Burger admitted incorrectly saying she and Mr Kane got into the driver's side of the Rodeo before seeing someone come alongside the ute.

"Feathers came up and started throwing punches at Kelvin. Was that true?" Mr Bellanto asked.

"No," Ms Burger replied.

Ms Burger told the jury she was absolutely sure Mr Kane was punched on the left temple.

Then Mr Bellanto referred to Ms Burger's walk through at the hotel with police on July 19, where she demonstrated to several officers, while being filmed, a closed fist punch to the right temple.

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