RESIDENTS are still living in fear of a wild dog attack despite Tweed Shire Council announcing that three hybrid dingos thought to have been responsible for a spate of attacks have been culled.

On Wednesday, the council, with other government agencies, completed the eradication program, reopening parts of Cabarita and Casuarina from Thursday.

However the council's community and natural resources manager Tracey Stinson asked residents to remain cautious.

"Residents and visitors to Salt, Casuarina and Cabarita Beach are asked to exercise ongoing caution," she said.

Christine Jackson, of Casuarina, whose collie Madison was killed by a wild dog, believed there was at least one more in the Cudgen Nature Reserve.

"I'm thankful for what the council has done. It was necessary. But I'm still concerned that there is one out of that pack of three still alive," she said.

"On Monday they said there was only two left but on Tuesday there was a sighting of three wild dogs at access 20. I'm still trying to get in contact with that man to get them to report it.

"Just because they say they have those three I still want people to be cautious - and please, please ring it in."

Tweed retiree Collette Isherwood saw three wild dogs in Cabarita weeks before Mrs Jackson's dog was killed.

During the eradication program, Ms Isherwood stayed out of the wild dog areas but saw many residents did not heed the council's warnings, including a 90-year-old man with a dog, new to the area.

Now back on her bike and "loving it", Ms Isherwood said she still wouldn't recommend bringing pets to the cycle tracks.

"I saw a man today carrying a stick and I asked - is that your dingo stick? Didn't you know they caught the last one? And he said, well how do you know there's not any more?" she said.

Residents are to keep pets on leashes and report wild dog sightings to 66702400 and 66233900.

Dog owners should ensure their pets are desexed and microchipped.

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