Few real choices for voters

TODAY the years of Labor Party domination of the New South Wales Parliament will come to an end.

Yes, that is still up to the people who vote. Yes, it is not over until the fat lady sings. Yes, you can’t count your chickens until they hatch.

It doesn’t matter. The opinion polls have been so overwhelming for so long that it is inconceivable that Labor could find a way to hang on to office.

What will that mean for the people of this state? Or, more specifically, the people of the Tweed and Lismore electorates?

It means a new government, a Coalition government, and all of the fresh starts and optimism that this usually entails.

It means issues that were previously on the backburner can again be brought forward for possible action and resolution.

It means that unless the new government really stuffs things up, it will govern for at least the next eight years.

We have heard the scare campaigns about how we don’t know enough about what a Coalition government might do.

Will it slash and burn in the mode of Victoria’s Jeff Kennett in the 1990s?

Perhaps, but even that concept is not enough to save an old, tired government that the voters have largely stopped listening to.

Voters are now less afraid of the unknown than they are of re-electing Labor in NSW.

When the new Coalition government takes office it is important our region does not get caught up in a wave of statewide change that fails to take account of our local needs.

For that reason a vote for the National Party candidates – Thomas George in the Lismore electorate and Geoff Provest in Tweed – is the safest bet.

Their experience in the parliament and their membership of the soon-to-be ruling party makes them the best chance that we will have a strong voice that could influence policy and project funding that is vital to our region.

The rest, as they say, is up to you.

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