Fight against energy drinks begins with parents

Drinking a Red Bull Energy Drink.
Drinking a Red Bull Energy Drink. Cade Mooney

TWEED schools and dieticians have warned against the overuse of energy drinks following the recent death of an American teenager.

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School director of marketing and enrolments David Stonier said Tweed schools followed national guidelines on healthy eating which recommended avoiding caffeine drinks.

Although schools are not permitted to sell energy drinks, Mr Stonier said the problem rested with parents.

"It's very hard to manage and monitor what parents pack in their children's lunchbox," said Mr. Stonier.

"Parents are encouraged to follow the 'brain foods' program however not all will comply.

"The problem is parents don't have to comply with the standards, and you can't force them to follow the smart food program."

All schools are encouraged to follow The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating according to the national healthy schools canteens.

Accredited practicing dietician Cherie Hugo from Tugun said "energy drinks are not something I would recommend for teenagers".

According to the 'not recommended on canteen menu' section it includes "energy drinks, caffeine products and guarana".

"It will encourage temporary concentration however it leads to exhaustion and is not good for heart rate and blood pressure" said Ms. Hugo.

"As a substitution for food it can cause a nutrient deficiency and is not optimal, it is counter productive, the sugar content is not optimal either, from a dental and obesity point of view.'

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