'Fight of the century' provides ideas for clubs' benefit

SOME of us may have watched Floyd Mayweather Jr beat Manny Pacquiao on the weekend and as a result, take home over $100 million.

After seeing that cast as "the fight of the century'', can clubs take home some event tips from the boxing world?

When you host your next event, ensure that you promote it properly through your club members and local community or even further.

If no one knows your event is on, attendance will be low.

Try marketing your next event in a different way to generate hype and get people talking about your club.

If you charge for your events, make sure you are charging the correct amount to factor in costs and not devalue your event.

Seek sponsors that align with your club and offer them exposure throughout your event from promotion on websites, facebook, programs, posters, newsletters and at the event.

Don't underestimate your club's potential to reach thousands of people in the community that a business may not be able to do.

Can you sell merchandise at your event or add a hip promotional item to the event?

This could also attract sponsors and is another contact point for people to get engaged with the event and the club.

Next time you host an event try something out of the box, or out of the ring to get people talking and watching.


Apply for funding

THE Gambling Community Benefit Fund provides funding to non-profit organisations to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

Up to $35,000 can be applied for to assist clubs provide better services in the community.

Applications should clearly show a benefit to the community. Priority is given to:

the purchase of equipment and facility upgrades;

clubs that can contribute to the project financially in conjunction with the grant;

applications that provide benefit to more than one organisation.

The current round closes on May 31 so applications should be looked at now.

Apply at http://www.justice.qld.gov.au


Equestrian research

EQUESTRIAN Australia is conducting research into community engagement in equine sports through the 2015 EA Engagement Survey.

This survey is open to all current members, club members, past members and prospective members as well as anybody who has an interest in Australian equine sport activities.

Completing the survey will assist in future planning for the industry and program development for all disciplines and demographic groups.

Complete the survey at sa.equestrian.org.au/content/2015-engagement-survey.

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